Windows 8 Preview

:) all to familiar; email, news, shiny internet …what was I meant to be doing?

They could have called it Windows tablet imho. I’m wondering what more they are going to stuff in it.
“apps” is for sure not the thing that lowers my socks.

i agree with üav on the overdone-accessibility-tiles thingy. i hated that too when i saw it. but my hopes are still that you can customize it. i was more enthusiastic about the whole resizing thing, where different ‘widgets’ of sorts can exist together, even combined with what looks like a normal Win7 desktop, you just smack a rss-widget next to it and it all works together. i really like how smooth it looks.

the customization hope might be useless though, as MS allows about as much (out-of-the-box) customizing as Apple does, generally.

I could bang on about operating systems (and their defragmentation) and user interfaces till the cows come home (put it this way my first computorial experience was with:

…BUT is it right to take a dog paragliding? I mean…really? REALLY?

Little maze of twisting passages
Little maze of twisty passages
Little twisty maze of passages
Maze of little twisting passages
Maze of little twisty passages
Maze of twisting little passages
Maze of twisty little passages
Twisting little maze of passages
Twisting maze of little passages
Twisty little maze of passages
Twisty maze of little passages

exactly that’s why I recently quit facebook, twitter, tumblr, rss, removed all icons on my desktop, and disabled automatic internet connexion. Too much time wasted for nothing.


Mazy twist of passaged belittlement
you should consider posting this in the Poem.
(honestly, no idea what your intentions with this were, but i like it)

hm, it looks like Windows 7 but with a full screen app that displays your widgets in nice tiles and does a split-screen whenever you want to use your browser (what if you don’t use IE?). it’s definitely targeted towards tablet users but the thing is … i don’t know if they’ll market it this way and having to switch between tiles and your regular windows is not a great user experience imo, it should be either seamless or not existant.
but i have to admit … the tiles and the widgets look very nifty.


It’s from a game called ‘Advent’ or ‘Collosal Cave’ (I’m sure your google works ;))

It was a text adventure and the twisty maze stuff was from the notorious maze from that game. I was 5 & played it in something like '76 and I got hooked (I was just really starting to read and it certainly helped!). There’s a quite a few versions about; give it a go! It’s tough and you’ll need paper and a pencil to map!

Looks nothing like iOS what are you talking about?

I found these interesting pictures…

Next version of OSX - Lion:

Windows 8

Looks like they are both going in very different directions.

I curious of what animal name they will choose for the next iOS, because lion is the king of animals, they can’t find better…


Honey Badger

quantum wildcat

what’s windows?

sorry if I killed the initial topic

some operating system that everyone’s using although it sucks. makes sense?


honey badger doesn’t give a shit

So all what I got from this demo, is that Microsocks is adding a “SimpleDumb” mode along to the existing Kernel and User modes. And what is it for? To be full of apps? Maybe just call them the good old failed gadgets from Vista that no one gave a damn about? Only fullscreen?

Microsoft is just reinventing the bicycle, to be honest there isn’t anything that made me go : “oh, I’m totally getting Windows 8 after this”.
Just to compare, look at Macs Lion demo: there wasn’t anything awesome that I really need, but there actually got a list of new stuff? Ask your self, what’s new in Windows 8?

Maybe I’m rushing things, but I at the moment I don’t see a leap from Windows 7.

You’re missing the point. It’s called Tablet view because it’s for tablets.

Still doesn’t sound promising. They could have just made an update, or even better an application. Meh. :-l