Windows 8 Preview

some operating system that everyone’s using although it sucks. makes sense?


honey badger doesn’t give a shit

So all what I got from this demo, is that Microsocks is adding a “SimpleDumb” mode along to the existing Kernel and User modes. And what is it for? To be full of apps? Maybe just call them the good old failed gadgets from Vista that no one gave a damn about? Only fullscreen?

Microsoft is just reinventing the bicycle, to be honest there isn’t anything that made me go : “oh, I’m totally getting Windows 8 after this”.
Just to compare, look at Macs Lion demo: there wasn’t anything awesome that I really need, but there actually got a list of new stuff? Ask your self, what’s new in Windows 8?

Maybe I’m rushing things, but I at the moment I don’t see a leap from Windows 7.

You’re missing the point. It’s called Tablet view because it’s for tablets.

Still doesn’t sound promising. They could have just made an update, or even better an application. Meh. :-l

it looks ok, i’ll use it if it’s not too much more resource hungry than 7

they better remove all of the crazy microsoft speak, example: windows 7 network and sharing nonsense. that example is by far the most infuriating thing since windows 95. has a cool little thing with planets and computers strung together you can click, that open to places that have nothing to do with anything you are trying to accomplish. you accidentally click help or repair and it makes you wait 5 minutes to always and only tell you: “i dunno it’s f’d.”

they spend so much time on making completely useless things clogging up the interface with junk like help, repair and completely obscure shit, and none of it works.
the only way to ever fix anything 99% of time in windows is if you shoot a string through the command prompt.
i say 99% because in xp there is a way to get xp to fix your internet stack through the gui, that most of the time does indeed work.

I hope they read this, cuz I do like windows, when it’s not in my way.

I actually kinda like the homegroup stuff. Works really fine for me, got my entire network connected with couple of clicks.

euugh… tacky as scheiss… :wacko:
so happy there is Linux!

calling it “Windows” is a marketing move: this is no-more Windows, it should be called “Buttons 1.0”

the buttons are a Window into a new technological era. bad joke, im out

Bweh, I don’t like this concept at all. I like having 3 tiny icons in the corner of my 1200x1900 desktop. This looks like some kind of snackbar touchscreen gamemachine gui on which I used to play mahjong when I was a kid.

‘buttocks’ ist doch viel besser, nich? B)

PC world on an early build for any interested:

Looks ok, glad to see more SSD management and faster booting…

Cant say Im too keen to give microsoft any more cash at the moment though as win 7 has started telling me lies that it is not a genuine copy… :rolleyes:. Seemed to happen after messing with UAC settings.