Windows: add support for Windows DPI settings in Renoise

Hy everyone i am a new registered user but i already know renoise.

First i would like to apologize for my bad English and tell you the problem i had

I have got a Sony Vaio with high resolution (19201024), windows 8 and in the win8 options resolution i had set “big Objects” , so i have : -
Screen resolution in 1920
Objects bigger 150%

When i start Renoise 3 beta6 all things (in renoise) in the screen are too big : Font, windows, even the plugins windows are bigger .
Is like as Renoise is ignoring the system resolution and start with is own lower resolution , even is the system resolution is not changed. In fact , if i load any other software while R3 is running , for example Google Crome , resolution is ok and all works fine .

Thank you for all support … and , yeah , for Renoise =D

Hello, yes, at the moment Renoise does not respect/support Windows screen DPI settings. This unfortunately is nothing we can “fix”, but we may consider adding DPI support in a future Renoise update.

personally, i would love seeting this, since high pixel density becomes more and more prevalent in newer displays, and in the long run, scaling will become a requirement for many users.

4K screens indeed become a lot more affordable nowadays indeed.

Thank you for reply , I understand the situation .
A Future implementation, as our friend below suggest, will certainly be fine in the future.

At the moment i had to set all objects in the windows configuration ad “normal, 100% size” and renoise take the proper resolution, but all my system has fonts too little for me , but this is not a big problem right now . ;)