Windows: Certain Plugin UIs do not respond visually though the sound is still present

When I load certain 64 bit plugins like Wolfgang Palm’s WaveGenerator, Infinite, and Gunnar Ekornas’s Messiah 2.0, I cannot see a knob change, but I can still hear the effect or change. My other VST host, Reason 10, has no such problem.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Go to the Plugins page
  3. If you have at least the trial version of the aforementioned plugins installed, try it.
  4. Open the UI and change the knob with the mouse.

Expected results:

I should see a knob turn or a button light up or turn off.

Actual results:

No visual changes.


My plugins are installed under C:/VstPlugins rather than C:/Program Files/VstPlugins because Renoise, for some reason, didn’t work with the latter.

I tried using the Windows 10 gaming screen cam to record it, but I could not make it capture the VSTi window.

Which Renoise version? Do you have the bridge activated?

Latest version and there is no bridge because I think that’s only for 32 but plugins.

I meant sandbox/bridge

I don’t think I have sandbox enabled. I’ll check that out.

I just checked the preferences, and sandbox mode was already disabled. The bug still happens when I enable sandbox.

Update: I installed Renoise 3.1.1 (an older version), and it has no issue with any of the plugin GUIs. So it must be an issue of 3.2.1, not Windows 10 or the plugind themselves.