Windows: clicking on plugin window makes the taskbar come out

i’ve had this problem for a very long time and finally decided to ask for help…
like i said in the title, everytime i click on a plugin window (doesn’t matter if vst or /i) to turn some knobs or whatever, my taskbar pops up and blocks the upper bar in renoise like you can see in the picture. when the plugin window isn’t active anymore, i get the fullscreen back but…
why does that happen? i kind of got used to it, but honestly… i can’t take it anymore ;)
take a look:

I cannot produce this problem here.
Also shifted the taskbar to the top and unlocked it.
Does it do that with every plugin window or just specific ones?
Have you checked your graphic card drivers if there exists an update for them?

it happens with every plugin… i’ll check on graphics update and let you know. i have the taskbar pinned but it happens with any other setting of it anyway :(

Quite likely that bridged plugins do cause this. A new application, a new process is opened by Renoise for every new bridged plugin. Seems that Windows refreshes its taskbar then.

Setting Renoise fullscreen should fix that.

it already runs in fullscreen. installing graphics update didn’t help either ;(

Oh, you are trying the Revolverheld Remix. :D

Updating Windows? Maybe you have to look for a taskbar fix. Search for Taskbar Repair Tool or something like this.

after hours of intense google-use i found the “taskbar eliminator.exe”. press alt+t to hide/show the taskbar. i could have checked “auto-hide taskbar” in the windows menu but that sucks because if you come close to the top, the taskbar is back. and now it’s gone… it’s gone! finally!!! ;)

I still don’t experience this on my Windows 7 configuration here.
It might perhaps be a specific graphics option or behavior in Windows that may cause this? Or perhaps a specific tool that is installed doing this? (malware / virus?)
I haven’t found anything particular on Google regarding such behavior though, but i highly doubt this is a Renoise problem.

i tried the 32bit version, changed and rearranged the taskbar incl. the other lists you see in the picture (audio, games, video, etc.) and like i said i now use the elimintor…
on winxp you can disable “taskbar always on top”, but it has been taken out in win7. there was an app that would allow you to rebuild this option but it doesn’t work anymore thanks to sp1 for win7 -.-
well, to be sure i’ll scan my laptop for junk and/or other bad stuff