Windows: CPU peaks when searching for presets in Plugins or opening menus in Renoise

Since 3.2 (I’ve been using since 2010 without problems) Win10
I got this pop message.
The audio engine was stopped because it used too much CPU for quite a long time.

It happen, When I go into Menus of Renoise, search for presets in synths or samplers. When I save a session. When Renoise Auto-Save a session. etc. Very annoying!

I tried to disable the new Time-stretch on two of my instruments without success.
I know i can go in Preference and unchecked the Enable overload prevention but I never had too do that.


Are you using 32bit plugins (VST effects or VSTi instruments)?

Renoise 3.2.0 / 3.2.1 has a big problem with the management of Windows windows to display 32bit plugins. It does not happen with 64bit plugins.

With 32-bit plugins, you will experience a noticeable delay in the Renoise GUI and it is very annoying. Is it possible that this is related to what happens to you? That the GUI does not work smoothly is one thing, but consuming many CPU resources is another.

Only vst64.
No delay in the Renoise GUI. Only when I go into Menus or Save or if I do nothing for a while… I got this audio engine stop!

I tried without success… In Pref… GUI… Un-tick: GUI effects and animation and Un-checked: More compatible GFX Updates.

Is it possible that other Windows services cause high CPU demand?

@Cooltrash, are you on a laptop? Power saving active? If not, maybe the wrong audio driver? I asume the popup only pops up if Renoise is playing or does it also pop up if nothing is playing?

On a PC tower. 2 years old. Asus mobo. No graph card.
Asio driver. Soniccore Scope.
PC tweaked for audio only.
I did a 20 minutes piece in renoise 3.1 on that same PC without a glitch.
I’m out of my studio til friday.
Will try to remove some vst and vsti to see if…

Windows 10 has also been changing. Do you have the latest version of Windows updated?

I know that certain updates have had problems that have to do with performance (some services). This can cause notable problems on low-performance PCs, such as modest laptops. As time has passed, Windows has solved those problems. It is normal when there are constant changes.

Regarding Renoise, excessive use of the CPU can be the cause of abusive use of certain and various devices, such as LFO or Formula. It is possible that in one project you have no problems and in another yes, as used. On a powerful PC it hardly matters. On a modest PC you can make a difference.

Just a suggestion. Try deactivating track devices, discarding with steps. Maybe so you can detect the problem, observing the CPU usage on the top right.

The LFO’S were the problem!!!
I was using 25 LFO (custom shape) in the track mixer. Never realized that they were taking some CPU.
Just started a piece with a Quad mix config and was lazy using LFOs… also wanted to see if it was going to work in Renoise… Now it’s time to do some automation and get rid of those LFO.

Do you think they are as problematic when use in the Instruments or Redux?

Thanks for your help!

The LFO is a powerful device, which will consume remarkable resources if you accelerate the reproduction of the song or abuse a large number of them under normal conditions (when creating a song with many samples).

Place 10 LFOs with a high frequency. Then accelerate up an song to the fullest and play it. You will see how the CPU demand goes up considerably.

Probably the same happens in Redux. It is advisable not to abuse these devices, unless you have a very powerful CPU.

When things like this happen, it is advisable to disable devices and detect the cause. Formula can also be a very powerful device.