Windows defender just killed rewire dll in Renoise...

Today’s false positive with Windows Defender is the rewire dll in Renoise.

What annoys me is, I clicked the option not to delete it and it still removed it anyway - god damn it!

anyway gonna report it as wrong when I get the dll back after a reinstall.

I have Spybot the free Version. It doesn’t work. It also keeps Windows Defender from working. Which is pretty good… imho

Edit = on my machine it wasn’t windows defender. It was the big windows 10 update from this morning. It screwed up my Steinberg eLicenser, I had to uninstall and reinstall. I can also not get rewire to work now. I likely have to uninstall reinstall Renoise as well.

Microsoft!! Evil!!!

Windows Defender detected it (rewire_engine.dll) as “Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.A” during startup of my Jack Audio Server.

I also choosed the option to do nothing, but windows pushed the file into quarantine anyway.

However, i was able to recover the file from quarantine via the “Windows Defender Security Center” -> “Scan History” and the little dropdown-arrow-menu-thingy next to the assumed “Win32/Bitrep.A”-threat.

Rewire (Renoise -> Reaper) and Steinberg-eLicenser-Instruments still do run fine…