Windows: Detached mixer / instrument window minimizing issues

The detached mixer and instrument windows forget their size and positions (height of visualization and so on), when the main window is minimized. Related is also, minimizing the second screen with the mixer or instrument view and the window vanishes into nirvana, because it has no taskbar icon to restore it. The only way to get it back seems to be attaching and detaching the window again.

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@Beatslaughter. Yes, I can confirm this operation. Do you use 2 monitors? What resolution do your monitors have?

I give an example to reproduce it (W10, R3.2.0):

  1. Use two screen monitors (no matter the resolution) I use two monitors of different resolution.
  2. Run Renoise and maximize the main window.
  3. Separate the secondary window of the mixer, (or the secondary window of the instrument editor, or both). Place this window on the secondary monitor and maximize it (the latter is important).
  4. Press the minimize button on the main window.
  5. Restore the main window.
  6. Problem: the secondary mixer window loses its maximized size on the second monitor, and shows the exact size it had before maximizing. Renoise is reading the previous incorrect registered size.

It is expected that the secondary window of the mixer would appear maximized (its last state before minimizing).

I don’t know if this situation also returns problems of size windows with the F1 to F8 commands.

Surely this topic is a “forgotten detail”. Surely, @taktik has been reviewing these issues so that everything works correctly for R3.2.0. I suppose these things will be resolved for the next version.

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