Windows File Paths Corrupting

Windows 7 (saved files are not on C: drive)

This has only seemed to happen with renoise and not other programs and has happened to me sporadically over the years. It`s occurred on different hard disks aswell.

A path/ folder somehow gets corrupted and I can`t save to that directory anymore. I can load from it but not save. The screenshots show the most recent one, and the folder containing the songs has ended up with a bunch of .tmp files

Also If I try and use “Reveal in Explorer” from the right-click menu in renoise, it directs me to My Documents in windows, though I can find and navigate to the folder using windows explorer.

I think I may have renamed the folder at the time of all this happening. The renaming would have been done through renoise disk browser.

Saving Error:

7822 Disk Error.PNG

7823 SPC song error folder.PNG

Any tips? I did a chkdsk and no errors were found