Windows Focus Bug? (solved)

I’m new to Renoise and found out a behavior which feels like a bug to me.
See the gif to get an visual idea of the bug. I use the keyboard to switch the focus. It works well until the focus gets stuck in the little dsp-browser and keep on switching between the search field and the dsp listing instead of moving forward to the effects chain. I could use another keyboard shortcut to switch the focus but that’s rather annoying because I would assume to cycle thru the different windows.

Latest Renoise version. OS: Win10 64bit


huh, weird. Not a problem here on macos… Option + tab cycles through windows, and to access the dsp search field I have to switch to just tab, once in the dsp window. What key commands are you using?

Thanks for the reply. I changed some shortcuts and had used “Tab” (without any modifier) for ‘Focus Next View’ this results to the reaction above. I now changed ‘Focus Next View’ to the key “<” and this works as expected. Don’t know if this is a bug or somehow related to another shortcut or view or OS dependencies. Well, I can live with using “<” for ‘Focus Next View’. Yet would be nice what causes that issue.

Makes sense that tab would cause it to loop between the search and dsp list, since that’s the default behavior, afaict. Must override the next window function…