Windows hanging Renoise in certain VST-based situations

I’ve recently purchased Renoise, and this is my first post on the forum board, so hello guys! I’ll try to collaborate reporting any bugs I come up to. Here it goes (I don’t know if it’s really a bug, but here it goes anyway):

When opening some VST’s “about” window or some VST’s dialog windows and then clicking back on Renoise without closing it, Windows “hangs” Renoise (faded-to-white screen?). If I manage to close that floating window before this happens… well, it doesn’t happen at all.

So far I’ve managed to get this bug using the following VSTs:

-Siegfried Kullmann’s SQ8L x86
-NI’s Massive x64
-Schwa’s Olga x64

Please tell me if anyone is getting this issue too. I’m running Renoise x64 on Windows 7 SP1.

Keep up the good work. Renoise is awesome.



I’m running the same but I can’t test because I don’t have VST with dialogs/about windows?

Can’t confirm this for Massive x64.

Does it only happen when you have selected the disk browser tab, or also with the other tabs like track scopes etc? I think every time you switch from another window/browser/whatever back to renoise, with the disk browser selected, it scans your harddisk which can be hella sluggish on folders with a lot of files.

It used to be worse, but the browser is still slow in some cases.

Look at this screenshot. If I click back on Renoise when VST’s ‘about’ window is still open, then this is what I get. Only got this error with the VSTs listed in the first post, so far. Don’t know if it’s because of Windows, or if it’s just because of me. This can be prevented if I close that ‘about’ window before clicking back on Renoise. Not that I need to see that window very often.

Thanks for the answers.

Olga has a free evaluation copy which I believe works in full and under a similar licence to Reaper, where you are trusted to pay for the commercial licence if you use it.

(Good synth :) )

I only have Win7 at work and not really willing to install VSTs here…