Windows: HELM VST3 doesn't load and IRIS 2 VST3 sometimes crashes after launch

I have problems with VST3 plugins on Win10 64bit PC. Some of them I can open external window first time just after setting it in plugin tab but after closing external window they work but I can’t get them visible. Also when I just hover over external window button renoise crashes without any error but if I don’t touch that plugin sound is still comming normally but I can control that plugin only through instr automation and so. Some of them work like in previous case, sometimes renoise crashes just after selecting plugin in a drop down menu and I believe in this case I had some error logs so there should be any log somewhere (I can’t find it in a renoise folder). In case when plugin is loaded as instrument when I close external window of plugin I can’t bring it back in this case renoise just shuts without any error. Any help would be appreciated. If you need any additional info or I should clarify something let me know. Thanks in a advance

found it Log.txt (1006.3 KB)

and to clarify things: I have 3 vst3 plugins:
LABS it is working without any problems,
HELM I can open it for the first time set sound and after that I cant bring back external window but it loads everytime I choose it in dropdown menu.
IRIS 2 this one sometimes can load up and after selecting sound it works but I cant bring that window but most of the time this one just crashes renoise without any window or error just after selecting it in dropdown menu .