Windows: Instantiate of "New Sonic Arts" "Freestyle" VST failed

Got this issue now with a VST2 Plugin called New Sonic Arts Freestyle. It was working before. And it’s working, when i’m rename the plugin dll to something else. Its called “Freestyle.dll” by default, change it to “Freestyle2.dll” let Renoise load it without errors. Pretty strange.
The plugin works fine with the default filename in FLStudio, so it seems to be a conflict with Renoise 3.4.2 somehow.

Error is pretty simple, but no crash logs which would help here more.

I’m not sure, what i can do here. Reinstall doesn’t work.
OS is Windows 11.

As i mentioned, renaming works. so i tried to change it in the cached db file. Now my renoise songs and presets are loading again.

Pretty strange, that’s somehow filename related.

Btw. also tested Bitwig. So FL and Bitwig doesn’t have any loading issues with Freestyle.