Windows: Instr. Editor Window Taskbar Click Quirks

On Windows, the behavior of the new Instrument Editor window seems odd. Clicking on the Instrument Editor window itself in the taskbar after making it the active window does not hide it until you click a second time. That is: click to select it (making it the active window), click again (nothing happens), click again (it is hidden). It seems like it should instead hide after the second click.

When hiding the main Renoise window by clicking on it in the taskbar, both windows are collapsed into one and hidden. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet.

Alt+Tab does not work for moving between the two windows, which stinks if you want to have them both maximized and just switch back and forth between them on one screen.

Edit: It is important to note that this is for R3 (if that was not obvious).

Yeah, doesn’t remember that it was maximized, either. Floating window feel and not expected Windows behavior.

That’s the dilemma. When working on a single monitor setup we want it to behave like a floater. In a dual monitor setup it should act like a regular app window, so you can alt-tab to it and so on.

We can’t guess how people want and will use it, so I think we need something like a “sticky” flag for the detached window too. When enabled, it will behave as it does now. When disabled it will act like a regular application window, not being sticky to the main window.