Windows & Jack: Render to sample resets Jack connections

Win7x64, Renoise 3.0.1 x64,JACK 1.9.10 x64, Mixbus 2.5 x32

Mixbus ( Ardour ) is used as jack master.

Renoise is using ASIOJackRouter and is connected to mixbus audio tracks.

I have following problem:

When I use apply track dps (fx button) in sample editor the jack connections are broken.

The same issue is when using ‘Render to Sample’, ‘Render Song to DIsk’ …

I thinks its because of how internal rendering works and not a bug but maybe devs will find solution.

On Linux we’ve memorizing all old Jack connections, disconnect them, render, and then reapply them again. This is not possible on Windows, cause Jack is used as a “normal” ASIO driver, which does not expose information about its internal routings. Unfortunately I am also not aware of a workaround.

Fortunately I`m planning to switch to linux for audio production.

Thx for quick replay.