Windows MIDI driver limitation

Is it a limitation of the Windows MME MIDI driver that means only the first piece of software to try and access my MIDI controller can get access to it?

I know in Hitori Tori’s videos and the In-Depth article on here he using a single controller with different sections of it mapped to different parameters in songs running in different instances of Renoise. If I try and open a second instance of Renoise with my MIDI controller connected I get a Failed To Open MME MIDI Device message pop-up. Same if I try and use Renoise and the controller’s preset editing software at the same time (only the first one opened has access to it.)

I’m guessing this may be a Doze limitation but haven’t found quite the right terms to get from Google so I thought I’d ask you intelligent people. I know Hitori Tori uses a Mac and maybe it’s another argument for me to try yet again to move away from Windows and get my Linux install to a state I’m happy to use it…

I have seen my suspicions are correct and this is a limitation of class compliant devices and the midi driver Windows uses for them (both WinXP and Win7.)

To get around this a virtual MIDI cable type program I guess is the only way. Would LoopBe be people’s first recommendation for this?

After ditching MIDI Yoke a while ago since it’s not available in 64-bit, I’m now using loopMIDI.

I must admit that I haven’t done any major stress-testing with it, but it does work very nicely for my needs. One of the big points for me is that you can simply load/unload it whenever you need it, add/remove ports dynamically, etc. Of course Renoise won’t pick up these dynamic changes while it’s running, but it’s still very convenient functionality to have.

Perhaps you meant virtualmidi?I would still recommend copperlan, which is a sort of all-in-one solution (including midi across network) but the other modules seem at least smaller.