Windows/MIDIYoke: Quitting Renoise Does Not End The Process

…only a few days ago this started to happen: after i quit Renoise, the process in Taskmanager does not end, and can’t be killed. A reboot is necessary…

…today is no different. I’ve added the log for this morning. 489 log2_11_09.txt

…the only thing that changed is that i tried to slave Renoise to Anvil Studio via midi yoke, so i installed midi yoke. The slaving didn’t work, but that’s because i’m too stupid…

…this on my 32bit xp-pro internet partition. Any ideas?

I doubt you are stupid, perhaps something went wrong in the setup process of Midi Yoke. If you deinstall Midi Yoke, will this solve the problem?

Does this always happen or only when loading the song “Szymon.xrns” or also when loading no songs at all? Probably theres “just” a problem with some of the plugin in that song?

…in this case the obvious solution was the right solution. I’ve uninstalled Midiyoke, and that cleared it up. Seems that Midiyoke does not release the drivers somehow? Perhaps i configured Midiyoke wrong, but anyway, thanks for your attention!

In some cases you have to configure MIDI Yoke in the device manager of your Windows environment.
If you have misconfigured that, this may cause problems.
It might also be that Windows assigned different resources to the MIDI Yoke driver after a restart. This is why after installing MIDI Yoke you are advised to do a restart of the Windows system before using the drivers.