Windows: NI Komplete ASIO driver sometimes fails to init

Sometimes when I start Renoise, I get the “Failed to initialize the ASIO driver. Please insure that the device is properly connected and that the driver is not used by another application” error. I then go into edit preferences audio, and try selecting the ASIO, Komplete Audio 6 at 96 khz, and then hit the reinitialize button again, and then it works and for the rest of the session i don’t have any problems.

It doesn’t happen all the time on startup, but I can seem to replicate this problem if I goto preferences audio, and try switching to direct audio, and then back to ASIO. It doesn’t bug me too much because if I do have this problem on the intial startup, i just go and hit reinitialize, it works, and i don’t have any problems for the rest of the session.

Windows 10 x64, 3.1b6.

Hello. This is very likely a problem of/with the Komplete ASIO drivers - maybe related to Windows 10 only. I’d recommend to look for similar issues in the NI Komplete forums and/or create a support ticket to contact native Instruments.

I used to have the same problem and would just have to unplug the Audio 6 from my PC and replug. Worked like gold after that for a few days. It would still occur randomly after total reboots. Then I got a different soundcard. Problem solved. Probably not what you’d want to hear for the solution.