Windows: Plugin server fails to load after Windows 10 update

Hey folks, I sent this as a direct message to support but wanted to post on here too in case anyone knows anything about it:
I just wanted to let you know that the latest Windows 10 update breaks Renoise, specifically the 64 bit version.
In fact I had to install and revert to the 32 bit version, which luckily seems OK for the time being.
I can’t find any information on forums or elsewhere regarding Windows 10 but came across people have similar problems with other OS.
It all started with when I started getting this message after the recent update:
Internal Error: Failed to connect to the external audio plugin process (could not establish a connection to the server).
The problem seems to be VST plugins, all of which used to work fine and now none of them do and will crash Renoise when attempting to load any song that uses them, which is much of my material. After trying to rescan and having it crash now I can’t even open the 64 bit version to try other settings as it will just take infinitely long to load, hang and stop responding. Please be aware of it.
P.S. Windows 10 is also telling me that I should be running both versions in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

Which windows build version is running on your system?
I think, i’ve the latest one and no issues:

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Looks like the same build.
I’m guessing it’s something to do with 32-bit incompatibility with Renoise 64-bit, seeing as the 32-bit version is working like the 64-bit one used to. Not sure what happened upon updating but it def. affected something!
It’s not folder permissions either as that’s all set and fine, must be some kind of Renoise driver issue?
I guess I’ll have to try uninstalling and reinstalling it, might as well at this point, just didn’t want to lose all my settings. Or wait and see if there’s any developments and just use 32-bit for the time being.

Edit: I should note that I was using Renoise 3.1.1 and even after upgrading to version 3.2 after having these issues I still get the same errors and have the same issues, just with a fancy new exclamation mark icon, ha!

Just updated and am running build 1809 here. Anyone else with the same problem in build 1903? The problems seems to affect the plugin server connections only, it seems.

No problem on 1903 here.

No problems here on Win 10 Home Version 1903 Build 18362.295

exactly the same here.

@k-rai could you please attach your Renoise and Renoise Plugin server logs here? Maybe they contain a few hints why this fails for you.

Renoise Logs:

Renoise Plugin Server Logs:
%APPDATA%\Renoise Plugin Server\V3.2.0

Type the above quoted paths into the windows explorer’s address bar. The log files are called Log.txt.

Sure thing, will do when I can make the time, might be a while.

For everyone reporting no problems, is anyone using 32-bit VSTs? or Windows 10 Home?

I found this today.

I rolld back to win7 for my 32Bitz loverzz:star_struck: not optimal but I just kep a old mashine for that to avoid all the hassle with new OS.

I wish I could do the same but my motherboard does not support win 7.If I new that I wouldn’t buy it.I miss win 7,it was rock solid even better than my Linux mascine

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Ja iss kind of strange that win10 can somehow fukkup yur wole system with just one update and MacOS evn seems worse like with the new Catalina or how its calld and then nothing works at al.

Win7 for now still works good but also keep in mind that supports ends next year and thats not good.

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Just dont update windows until the bugs get fixed,thats what i do

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Thanks I will check that out

I’m so screwed right now… I was able to get Renoise 3.1.1 32-bit running again for a couple days but now it won’t even open, running as admin and everything. To be precise when I view task manager it appears to open then immediately closes. I am now even running IIS after this fiasco in order to use the app pool setting that says allow 32-bit apps. Why should I even have to try this when everything was perfectly fine up until recently? Thanks MS… more like BS. I still can’t get 64 bit to load at all, it just hangs on startup scanning VSTs so I have to force close it. Next step I’m going to try uninstalling the last couple Win 10 updates. I now have them all turned off too by using the metered connection workaround. What really bothers me is that when that last update came up to install it mentioned something about it being basically mandatory by some date in November if I remember correctly. Like WTF Microsoft… your updates break important usability and you’re going to force it on people?! I have a track that needs to get finished in less than a week and I can’t even work on anything right now, Arrrghh!
Edit: Oh how nice… just learned when attempting to rollback the update from hell that apparently you can’t even go back to the previous version of Windows 10 after 10 days. What the actual F.

Ok, so I found a trick that worked!
If anyone has issues opening Renoise 3.1.1 32-bit in Windows 10 after updating to version 1903 or whatever other most recent updates like I am, this just made it open for real without automatically closing itself.

I did “Solution 1 – Change your registry” and Bam! back in business!
Btw, I also followed that link @stoiximan and uninstalled update KB4515384 but that didn’t seem to actually affect anything related to the issues I’ve been having… but hey, guess games should sound fine too now.

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