Windows: problem opening mp4s with the diskop (decoder got stuck)


I’m glad we can import the audio of mp4’s now, loading the files through the browser, but I can’t seem to open a 82 mb mp4. It gets stuck at 6%, only showing a small portion of the audio file in the sample editor while the rest of the waveform view remains silent/empty.

Is the ability to import these sounds ram/filesize related? I think the 82 mb file equates to around 8 minutes of audio, I have 4 gigs of ram… loading it doesn’t give an ‘out of memory’ notice in the bottom left status window.

Is there a way I can change a setting in Renoise that will give me moar power to load it?

Quite likely that the windows decoder gets stuck here, for whatever reason. Does this happen with any mp4 files for you?

I’ll try with other smaller files. It worked when I first tried it in Renoise 3, dunno whats special about this file? Anywho, I managed to extract the audio through vlc player, so it isn’t an issue anymore.