Windows: Problem ReWireing Renoise to Cubase 5

Hey y´all,

somehow Renoise and Cubase 5 don´t recognize each other for rewiring purposes under win 8.
both programs installed are the 32-bit versions.
on a friends PC with win 7 on everything worked just fine…

I have found a guy with the same problem but no solution.

Would be great if someone could help me! recording over renoise songs with cubase is a dream come true.


I had this issue with reaper and renoise, I uninstalled all daws, then reinstalled older versions to newer versions of each until it would finally detect. It had something to do with ableton live…

Thankx i´m gonna try that.

I already tried different versions of renoise, but I only have Cubase 5, so not much possibility there.

how reaper working with renoise?

I thought of using reaper instead if it doesn´t start working soon…

but then i´d have to get into reaper…

If you’ve already dropped the cash on Cubase I’d try to make that work, but for what it’s worth, I really like the Reaper Renoise combo. I use Reaper just for audio tracks and rare occasions when I want a piano roll (like for live recorded piano, 2 handed live recording doesn’t fare well in Renoise), and I use Renoise for everything else, which is mostly drums. I’d definitely recommend it.

edit: On the other hand, Cubase 5 is 5 years old now? Might be worth checking Reaper out. Can try it free 60 days, then it’s only $60, can’t beat it.

Yes, thats exactly what i´m doing now. Trying Reaper.
creating a track with a double click:)
and for some reason rewire works with reaper.
guess I´ll have to learn a new programm.
I feel better supporting reaper and renoise than ableton and cubase…

what kind of music do you do with these two?