Windows: Rescan Midi Devices

Hi. Is there maybe an option for rescanning MIDI devices during work somewhere in the preferences? Now I have to relaunch Renoise in case forgetting to turn on MIDI before scanning devices at start.


In Windows (if you are using Renoise on that) rescanning won’t work because Windows doesn’t update the device list once an application has claimed the midi driver.
In order for Renoise to get the new device listed it has to let go of the driver and then reclaim it. And since Renoise is using DirectX with DirectAudio, DirectInput and DirectMusic, that means closing and reopening unfortunately.

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Ok, thanks for explanation :).

btw, this is usually a problem with USB midi devices.
Audiocard offering ordinary Midi connector don’t suffer from this problem, because the audiocard always offers the midi port input.

Because, Linux and OSX are fully hot-pluggable.

Renoise API supports hot-plugging as well (AFAIK Duplex is the only script so far to take advantage of this)
Xrnx authors use renoise.Midi.devices_changed_observable()