Windows: ReWire no longer showing up

Previously when I had Reaper running and I booted Renoise, Renoise would ask to become a ReWire Slave.

I said ‘no’ a couple of times cause I didn’t need at the time. But now I do need it is no longer shows up.

Renoise does not show up in Reaper’s ReWire list.

Did I offend it? :wink:

I’ve tried rebooting, reinstalling. Basically everything from this thread. I’m running the latest versions of Renoise and Reaper.

Any suggestions how to get it working again?

My specs:
Reaper v6.09 (x64)
Renoise v3.2.1 (x64)
Win7 sp2 64bit

When rewire stops working, it is the biggest pita to get it going again.

Uninstall Renoise. Uninstall Reaper.

Make sure you delete any preference files. Like renoise config, or whatever it is called. Search your computer for rewire.dll or anything rewire related and delete it!

Rewire hangs around in weird places so delete every trace of it!

— Windows 7, I can not even remember for the life of me. I thought Windows 10 has been around 3 years already - perhaps even more.

Sometimes you can just download rewire alone, and reinstall and it fixes everything.

That being said… you should ask on the Reaper forums. as those people really know their stuff, when it comes to why things stop working.

Thanks 2_daze_j. I tried reinstalling both Renoise and Reaper. Unfortunately, that didn’t fix it. So I’m going on a seek & destroy mission for everything Rewire related.

And yes, Windows 10 has been around for a while now. I’m always hesitant to upgrade my project computer. If it works, and I don’t need the new features, I never upgrade if I can avoid it.

Thanks again for thinking along.

When installing, try doing it as admin. I think that’s the key.

Thanks, I just gave that try. Reinstalled both Reaper & and Renoise as admin. Made sure rewire was selected in the Reaper install. Alas, that didn’t fix it either.

I can run Renoise as a master but not as a slave. Weird. :confused:

Have you tried running Reaper as a rewire slave? Does that work?

Yes, running Reaper as slave with Renoise as master works perfectly. But not the other way around.

When uninstalling reaper, you are double checking to make sure all the cached files are gone? Like all the vst scan and configuration stuff? and you rebooted your system to clear temp files?

Btw, back in the day, when Rewire.dll got corrupted, you used to just be able to download a fresh one from PropHeads… but now PropHeads is ReasonStudio and I think they literally ditched rewire, and are probably using VST3. So I do not know what we are all going to do, when Rewire is no longer supported…

I don’t know if this helps. But I had a Jabra Link connected to my computer for some, “work at home,” during covid… and it somehow messed up the ASIO, and I had to go back into Cubase and run the Rewire Setup Wizard, because Renoise would not enter Rewire upon starting…

I do not know if Reaper has the same thing? Is there a way to, “set up rewire again,” that could be the key