Windows sample manager

What sample manager do you use?

As for me, i’m trying to find better replacement for ADSR Sample Manager.

The main thing is to find relevant samples by means of tags (text input).

Any suggestions?

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I was using Loopcloud which used to be free but now you have to have a subscription.

XO is another option

I haven’t used it myself but someone I know does swear by Sononym. Think I’m right in saying that’s by the same person(s?) who made Renoise.


Acknowledgements Sononym is created by : Eduard Müller, Bjørn Næsby Nielsen, Ingolf Wagner and Erik Jälevik.
We are software developers with a passion for music and, more broadly, sound.


Oh nice, I didn’t know that, then that’s another way to support our Renoise developers :slight_smile:

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Folders in Windows Explorer is all you need.


If it is a joke,i don’t get it.
For file operations i’m using orthodox far manager, which is ways ahead of explorer.

This should be definitely checked.
Thanks for the links!