Windows: SynLen VST GUI is tiny on 4k screen


Most of my plugins look fine in RN 3.2 on my 4K laptop screen - except Sylenth … can I change this or is it something that needs fixing ?


Hi Dave Purnell
Renoise may force the scaling of the VSTi window, but you will see the device blurred.
If you want it to be clear, you must contact the creator of the VSTi, and have it create several escalations for your VSTi.

Does your VSTi not have a new version?

Sylenth explicitly claims to support (HiDPI) scaling via the Juce framework (or implements the Juce Framework’s “supportsViewDpiScaling” API), but actually doesn’t apply it. This is why Renoise resets the “Auto-scale external editor on HiDPI screens” option.

This ideally should be fixed in Synthlen. If it won’t we could remove the forced “Auto-scale” option in an upcoming release of Renoise. For now I’m unfortunately now aware of any workaround.

in the menu/settings you can adjust scaling in sylenth 1

Nice. I was looking for such an option but didn’t found it. There is a “Set as Default Skin/Size” option there too to apply this setting in new instances.

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