Windows\System32 as VST Path is ignored?

I have placed my VST folder as %SR%\system32\plugins
I use it long time with any hosts! It’s usally for me.
Renoise don’t reads any dlls from %SystemRoot%\
Why? What is cause I not understand! What is reason?
Please fix it if it possible?

I don’t know the cause of your problem, but I can suggest a possible workaround: try making a shortcut to the folder and see if pointing at the shortcut in Renoise does the trick

Thats a very strange place for VSTs. Yes, we do ignore all folders within “C:\Windows” because trying loading the system DLLs as VSTs usually results into a mass of crashes. We have done this to avoid problems when people set something like "C:" (the whole system drive) as VST path. So please copy your VSTs into a folder outside the system directories…

Windows shortcuts wont work, but hardlinks will.

Ok! I’ll create shortcuts.

The my reg hardly assinged VSTPluginsPath = C:~\system32\Plugins
I not like very lot folders separately.
My Program Files is C:~\Apps\
The ~\ is may windows xp root :)


Maybe good to do check and ignore DLL’s is not VST’s technology?

Renoise already does that, but to get to know this info, the DLL first has to give an anwer upon this request.
It is a bit the story of the chicken and the Egg.
Not every plugin vendor neatly adds info in their software product info they have made a “VST plugin”.
So instead, Renoise tries something, if the DLL crashes, Renoise stores it in a FailedVSTPlugins cache and the next time the DLL file is never being approached anymore.
However a legal VST plugin may crash as well, for reasons that are caused by a bug in the plugin itself.

It would make the system ackward to do a “Rescan previously failed plugs”
Taktik is right, don’t add stuff in your %rootdrive%\Windows folder, you also mess up your windows system in a bad way when i speak from the viewpoint of a Microsoft Technician. REAPER normal work with C:~\system32\Plugins

I have problem with WinXP x64 with it.
But I move the my folder to sysWOW64\Plugins, and Nuendo2 good read this path now :slight_smile:

One folder is easy to backup windows, etc.

C:~ = C:\Documents and Settings[CurrentUser]
What does that say?


C:\Documents and Settings[CurrentUser] = C:~\WinSxS[Process]
C:\Program Files\ = C:~\Apps

for x64, the sybmol ‘~’ is not supported :)

C:\WinSxS[Process] ; I’m Process

Why need make folder then folders makes itself?
I would like keep one general catalog as root for all child folders:
C:\zzz*.* is Root! UNIX_way ))

C:\Documents and Settings[CurrentUser] - Maybe-maybe… What is reason that you say? What is it? :unsure:

Sorry for my a holywars!? :D

Just %WinDir%\ do not contain dlls, please add it to vst support way?

I would definately not recommend that.
You have really no idea what you can mess up, not even to mention if a virus is causing wreack havoc to your system.
Seriously, don’t touch the system folders or add stuff in it that you might loose if your whole system becomes unstable.
Any developer which allows adding user custom items in system folders is imho not doing his proper job.