Windows: T-Racks 5 version 5.6.0 crashes when GUI opens

Windows 10

Getting Crashes Version 5.6.0 of T-Racks 5 – Also happens in renoise 3.3.

Start loading some T-racks 5 plugs in renoise and open their GUIs. After about the third plug and GUI opening it will take renoise down with the “Ouch” crash dialog.

Seems to replicate easily when searching and loading with ‘VSTi from menu’ tool with auto-open gui enabled (Ed. checkbox) .

but can be done via loading and opening normally in renoise too.

Tool if needed:


`VFM` Search and Load FX

Latest IK product manager:

Fumbled around with the GUIs for a while here but can’t make it crash. Are you using the VSTs or VST3s?
What exactly do you do to make it crash?

Tested this on Windows 10 with TRacks 5.6.0. Most of the individual plugins are not licensed here though.

Win 10, using VST 2 here.

If I load the plugs via the tool the with Ed. enabled. I re-open the tool to work down the list I can manage a crash after 2 or 3 loads. I don’t close the opened plug GUIs between loads.

It could be just on my system. It does seem to have only started since the latest T-racks update though.

tr5 searc

I only have the T-Racks Clipper v5.4 and there’s no issues with that version using the described procedure… I don’t dare update to 5.6 :grimacing:

I’d back up any dll’s first before trying, haven’t tried rolling back yet but have a feeling it will be a lot of faff if I have to, may even need an IK support ticket :man_facepalming: