Windows: Unfiltered audio's lion VST - always having to reset auto-scale gui compatibility option

Computer: windows 10 64bit, i7-7500U, 16gb ram

I’m using the vst2 version (for the most part unless there’s no vst2 version, vst2 usually works better for me), of unfiltered audio’s lion synth plugin which I got from Not sure if that makes a difference in this case but I only have a license for that one, not the one explicitly from unfiltered audio’s site since I got it on sale at plugin-alliance.

For whatever reason I keep having to click on the auto-scale gui compatibility option when using lion. It works 99% right if I don’t do that but… the modulation cables don’t line up properly in lion unless I use that option. I’ve checked it then cleared the plugin and loaded it back up, works right but even on a project I’ve saved it with I still have to set that option for it to go into effect.

So far this is the only plugin I have which I’ve had this issue with, I’ve had to use the option on other plugins but it would always be set and not act up. I don’t seem to have this issue with unfiltered audio’s BYOME, which I also purchased from plugin-alliance.

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no problem for me
useless information

Are you GFX and motherboard drivers updated?
What is the brand of your GFX card?

Sometime you can also revert to older drivers to solve some problems

Updated everything and it didn’t fix it. Could it be because I have windows scaling set to 125% in the windows display settings because I like more readable fonts throughout the system? Odd that if that’s the cause it only happens with this one synth though.

Talked about it on discord I realized the issue only happens in the vst2 version. The issue doesn’t seem to be present in the vst3 version.