Windows vst in Renoise for Linux


My windows vsts don’t come up on the plugin list. I have wine and yabridge installed and the plugins work fine in carla. Any ideas for why is this happening?

Edit: im running Ubuntu Studio 22.04

A few questions:

  • Is Carla using the yabridge bridged plugins, or is it bridging the plugins on its own? I ask to make sure because Carla can bridge Windows plugins without the need for yabridge, so there may be some confusion there;
  • Do the plugins show up in other DAWs? You can test this with the Reaper or Bitwig demos, or with Audacity
  • Are the plugins installed in the right path? The paths are normally ~/.vst and ~/.vst3, so if yabridge is properly installed, each of these directories should have a yabridge subdirectory with the installed Windows plugins

Thanks for the quick reply!

  • Im running yabridge as i intend to use the plugins trough renoise, without having to use carla as a vst inside renoise
  • ill try them in another daw
  • the plugins are in the correct folders, with the PATH variables set alright

I was able to get some native linux vsts to show up on the list