Windows: Vst3 Tuqmidi seq hard crashed Renoise changing its presets

From the log;

"RemoteAudioPlugin: Connecting to the server…
RemoteAudioPlugin: Creating server thread…
RemoteAudioPlugin: Creating plugin instance in the server…
RemoteAudioPlugin: Initializing plugin instance…
RemoteAudioPlugin: Successfully initialized

Error Message: Ouch. The VST3 plugin ‘2Rule: TugMidiSeq’ crashed in its editor window.
Error Message: IMPORTANT: This is a fatal error. Please save the current document under a !new! name to prevent losing important data.
Error Message: It’s most likely that this is a bug in the VST plugin, so please report this problem to the authors of this plugin in order to get the problem fixed!

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : C0000005
CrashLog: 00007FFF44524A89: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00007FFF445CEB14: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 000000120000004A: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 000000160000003E: ??? +00000

Application: Caught an unhandled fatal exception (Thread: GUI)!
Application: Saving a backup…

Error Message: A fatal error or crash occurred (unhandled exception in thread: GUI).
Error Message: A backup of the current document was saved at
Error Message: ‘C:\Users\pluge\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.4.2\CrashBackups\Untitled_6_6_2022__11_35_crash.xrns’…
Error Message: This either happened because of a bug in Renoise, or because of a bug in one of its loaded components (plugins). Please contact and report this problem, so that it can be fixed.
Error Message: Note: It’s very important that we know exactly what has happened (what you were doing before this message popped up), or the problem cannot be replicated/analyzed. Please include a description of what you were doing and which components were being used…

Application: Terminating…

ASIO: Stop Polling…
ASIO: Releasing Focusrite USB ASIO…

MIDI: Shut down: Closing all acquired MIDI devices…
MIDI: Shutting down MIDI server…
MIDI: Closing MME Midi-In device ‘Launchpad S’
MIDI: Closing MME Midi-In device ‘VI61’
MIDI: Shutting down DirectMusic…

I’ve downloaded a free midi vst3 plugin here to try out;

And while trying to control another vsti Xhip with it, trying to go through different presets from the tuqmidi seq plugin gui, Renoise suddenly disappeared crashing.

Does it work in a wrapper or plug-in host?

Dunno yet, but the author has made some changes. Will see if this new version will be more stable first;

" TugMidiSeq VST3 ( 2RuleMidiSeq ) Bug Fixed - updated!

I have recently updated some files associated with TugMidiSeq VST3 ( 2RuleMidiSeq ) Bug Fixed . They’re yours for free

Especially, Windows crashes when the “Sorted” button is selected.

Sorry everyone, I don’t always have the opportunity to test in Windows environment. Mac and Win behave differently.

and feel free when you find a bug.

best Wishes


The vst author seems to have fixed the buggy behavior with the last update.

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