Windows: VSTI Scaling issues with Arturia Plugins

VSTI’s like recent Arturia Plugins do have a own gui resize feature. with the latest 3.2.0 (and 3.2.1 beta) this doesnt work anymore, but was working with 3.1.0 the mouse events are captured at correct scaled destination but the gui of the plugin itself is 4 times smaller. this might be related to the windows own gui scaling feature since this screenshit was made on a 4K screen. the only way to work around this issue is using compatibility setting and changing high dpi settings to “system extended”


Disabling the “Auto-scale external editors on HiDPI screens” option:


will quite likely fix that.

yes it works but its still little bit buggy. need to switch to another plugin and i need to click that option before the window gets opened. it doesnt react on demand. so a little glitchy but working

You’ll need to set the option once only - as the dialog tries to explain. The option then applies to all new instances of that plugin.

yes but it works confusing. closing the window, changing setting. reopen. problem remains. changing setting leaving focus to a different plugin and then going back it will work. doesnt make much sense since the plugin is still loaded and not a new instance. just the focus change to a different plugin makes the trick. i would expect if i close the plugin window, change the setting and reopen that the new window will takes the new settings which is no problem from the vsti render api, but this doesnt work this way

You’ll need to reload the plugin to apply the option.

And as mentioned above, you only need to do this once for every plugin file which has this problem. There’s no need to turn this open on an off the whole time.

In case it helps others who were stuck like me - you’ll find the Plugin Options for a VSTi by switching to the Plugins tab (next to the Edit / Mix / Sampler tabs), then click on the tiny question mark. That will get you to the Plugin Options screen taktik posted above. Unchecking the Auto-scale option got my Arturia Synclavier V plugin working again, and Waves VU Meter is another plugin that needs it disabled for some reason.


Also, a bonus feature I hadn’t noticed - if you hover the mouse over the question mark icon, you’ll get extra information about the plugin, like how many samples of latency the plugin has.

Not just Arturia plugins.

VST scaling in Renoise is EXTREMELY hit or miss.


That’s FilterFreak by Soundtoys.

In Massive, you can’t even see the knobs turn if scaling is on, but if you turn it off you have to damn near use a magnifying glass to see the controls. lol

I’ve just turned off scaling on every plugin and although things are small, it’s useable.

Band-aid fix for sure.