Windows X64: Bridged Uad Plugins Silent When Inserted

Noticed the next thing happen in 64 bit version of Renoise (first seen it in B4 then in B5 too)…

Then I load an instance of the plugin at insert of the track it aplies but do not start to make changes in the sound (bypasing the sound). Only then I check “MIC” button (to set plugin to realtime mode) or disable and enable it again via checkbox it only start to work.

This repeates with each new connected plugin again. It happens even if a very first and only one plugin is applying to the channel.

At the same time at the 32bit version of Renoise plugins work correctly.

Have an UAD 2 Laptop card (expresscard) with v6.10 drivers and a notebook (Intel Core i CPU) with Win 7 HP x64 SP1.

UAD plugins themselves are currently 32bit, although they do have 64bit drivers. Thus it is recommended to use the 32bit version of your host (Renoise) if you can get away with it. Otherwise you are relying on the 32-64 bit Bridge, which is a bodge fix at best.

Other reported problem was only ever being able to run a single plugin due to each requiring a separate instance of the bridge, which is not supported by the card.

Unfortunately can’t say anything else than kazakore. Please use the 32bit edition of Renoise as long as the UAD plugins are available as 32bit plugins only.

Also noticed what PDC shows twice more time delay then connected an UAD plugin and realtime mode (“Mic” button at the plugin interface) seems to make no effect of reducing latency in 64 bit version.
So will use 32 bit.

Be waiting antil the Universal Audio will make their drivers in 64 bit at last… :rolleyes:

Try to use “jbridge” (until UAD finally release their PlugIns in 64bit).
The 1.4 - Release of jbridge works perfectly for me in Renoise 2.8 (64bit) and UAD.

Would not recommend this. Even if JBridge manages to load the UADs, you will sooner or later run into other problems. The UAD plugs are very special plugins, also very sensible to CPU performance, timing and stuff. If you don’t need to access more than 3 GB of RAM there are no disadvantages in using the “old” 32bit version of Renoise. Then, as soon as the UADs make the 64bit switch too, use the 64bit versions.