Winrar 3.51 For Free!

If you want a legit copy of WinRar you can get it for free today:

Just thought I’d let you know.

I wonder which version of sunday 28 July 2006 they speak of…
At least not in our time quantum.

Tugzip is a pretty good freeware util as well… It supports various popular compression formats (rar, arj, zip, ace, lha, bz?).

I’m a fan of freeware alternatives.
But I mostly use winrar because “everybody” does.

It’s a similar situation to mp3 vs ogg, except in that case ogg is clearly better. But winrar and 7zip both have their advantages I think.

For packing, mostly no other application can do it better than the original, for unpacking, it is nice to have a decompression utility that can handle several different formats.

For packing executables, i use UPX which is a damn fine exe-(dll)-packer.

Great offer, thanks!

Edit: Filled out the form, received the email with the link to keyfile. Link does not connect. Maybe because it’s not Sunday, July 28th, 2006? :P

Hot dog! :w00t: I got in. The traffic must have been heavy. Once you fill out the form and receive your email, the link leads to a rarkey.rar file. Install WinRAR v3.51, extract the rarreg.key from rarkey.rar into your installation directory and your all set!

Registered to
PCA Special Offer
Version: 3.51


Thanks for the tip ermi! :yeah:

Cool- now i don’t have to feel guilty about having cracked it. Thanks!!!

I’m sure they made more money selling on the email addresses they obtained than they would have in a normal days trading, so its win/win.

just share the reg file then :D

it’s a good thing i have an address devoted specifically to spam :)