WIP : Amiibo

I’m sharing different stages of a track in development on my personal soundcloud.

Might probably - pretty sure - use it for a new Easily Embarrassed album in the near future…

This is the latest update:


More detail work required, hopefully new update soon.

Thx and cheers to you all!

Have a good week :slight_smile:

Been working on other stuff, but finally got an update. Some drum work from Nick included. Tried to open up the mix a little more. Extended the intro. Tried some minor new elements and filters.

Feels like not everything is in place yet…

Amiibo - 2015-03-17 -Drums and mix


What do you audiophiles think?

Sounds good, but a long intro puts a strain on my attention span. Probably depends on the context in which I’d be hearing it.

Cheers Matt!

Yeah, I see what you mean. Most likely the long intro will be blended with an ambient track or outro from the album, to evolve into this one. This is food for though. Probably want to keep the intro short, if this track is to be promoted on its own.

Anyways, this is the final update (with the intro slightly shortened back again already).
Next one is most likely on the upcoming Easily Embarrassed album or simply up for promotion of said album:

And here is a link to the full set of renders that show how this track evolved over the past 7 weeks:


Hope some can get something out of this. Oh and feedback never hurts. Thx :slight_smile: