#wip | Kate Lesing - It´s A Dream (ptrance Remix)

Long time no hear. Well, that´s something I´ll try to change in the future, seriously.
Anyway, after an insane renoise absence I managed to spit out a 3:00 min clip. Hopefully finished soon, but I couldn´t hold myself to give you all a sneaky preview :)

You judge: Kate Lesing - It´s a dream (ptrance previewremix)

Nice pumping bassdrum and good synths used, sounds really professional. The only things i’ve found is maybe the trance lead at 2:27, which starts with the breakdown, it’s a bit thin sounding. Also the background atmos from the breakdown are a bit loud compared to the vocal and the melody. very nice so far! :)

Thx! :)
That thin lead is done on purpose but you were right about the volume balance in the breakdown. I already tried to correct them a little bit.

Anyway, fiddled a little more around and I guess I´m getting closer :)

Download me NOW! :)

did I mention that the main theme does completly move away from the original song? :blink: It´s actually getting a whole new track with kate lesing vocals :D

Sounds fine now, also it makes sense now with that thin lead which can be seen as intro part for the fatter one.

dunno, I think I´m going to mess up the end… as always :rolleyes:

what the hell is going on… why is everyone remixing this girls music all of a sudden. The last month I see that Kate chick featuring everywhere.


That’s just because those samples are “moreorless” free available :)

I don’t know what you have, sounds nice so far. I would add a bit more to the climax, you could change between the main melody part and a gated melody part, maybe add another arp with a short melody sound like at 4:58 or add another layer with a second melody.

yep, you´ll not getting such an opportunity to get your hands on such hq vocals that much.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas Beatslaughter. Song is finished :)