WIP: Minor Distortion Dance

Depending on how you count, this is my fourth song.

Listen on SoundCloud.

XNRS Download (No VSTs used.)

FLAC Download

I have some goals for this song before I want to call it finished:

  • Add some variety to the bass line.
  • Transition better into the higher pitched melody section.
  • Make it more dance-able. A friend who listened told me it might be too fast to jump to, and I think that means I need to make emphasis felt more clearly on every other beat.
  • Have a proper ending.

I like it. Gave it a quick remix, to make the kick a bit more audible and punchy.


Thanks for doing that,lhaastdaiz. It’s a definite improvement. I was trying to get the bass out of the way of the kick using the signal follower attached to the filter (which I remember seeing done elsewhere), but I don’t think it was doing the job.