WIP - Registered Members adding Polls

I know that this Forum has a section to discuss new features…
but I also know that NOT everyone has time to read trough all posted articles to get to the juice :(

Wouldn’t be great to have registered members creating their own polls?
With users voting on different features of the program it would be easy to gather valuable opinions directly from people’s mouth :)

Example: Piano Roll Discussion :rolleyes:

It’s a discussed topic as far as I noticed. Every user feels like saying what they would like best and why… It took me some time to gather all points of view… if I had the chance of creating a voting poll I would surely create one that sounds like…

-About Piano Roll in Renoise

  1. I want it! Please add it!
  2. I hate it! Please don’t add it!

It would be great if R.U. could add new voting options like

  1. I will wait to see Piano Roll in some beta before judging

And I hope that someone would post a new voting option like:

  1. I will not use it but have nothing against its implementation.

Note that this kind of approach to opinions is NOT supposed to be a substitution to forums… it would rather work side to side with forums, as a quick overview about user’s feelings about that certain topic…

Of course we can expect also “Funny” polls created as jokes… This can be controlled by deleting “useless” polls…

but I guess that it would be real fun to leave them all :P
They would be a great “alternative” way of monitoring user’s temperature.

-What about users creating their own polls and voting options?

  1. Hey! That would rule big times!
  2. I like this idea!
  3. That would be a BLAST!
  4. I would simply love it!


  1. I think that it will become a mess, exactly as the forum, because people ask a lot of times for the same things
  2. I think that it will become difficult to manage, because a lot of people would ask for the same things writing slightly different requests
  3. I think that it will become exactly as the Off-Topic forum
  4. Yesterday I’ve ate a very good pizza


I think you can make polls in this forum. The WIP pages will be moderated, as It-Alien says it will only turn into a mess otherwise.

That certainly makes no sense :blink:
First implement it then vote for keeping it…

Try the “New poll” button at the bottom in this forum.

Hmm, I have to admit that I don’t know exactly what that button is for… :P

However, about the Voting tools… :rolleyes:
As I see your point is about the mess that this kind of system could create… That’s no surprise to me, I know that could be one of the side effects…

What it surprise me the most, instead, is that nobody noticed the point where I write


One single “moderator” could delete a handfull of useless poll with one click in less that 10 seconds and delete one new unwanted voting option from a poll in 20 seconds. That would be no effort for anybody :)

About same voting option casted multiple times… is this something we really have to be concerned about?

IMHO: It doesn’t makes much sense to me to pretend that Renoise Users (Using forums on this site, having bought Renoise somehow and supposed to tweak a little with their pc and so on…) would make confusion on 4 or 5 single-line voting options… and write again what is there already

It makes utter non-sense to expect that they, at the very same time, would NOT post the same question posted by “Someone” in “some” part of a 5-pages-long chain of articles seeded around the forum
I know this happens… but if this is your concern, you have to admit that it’s much more easy to happen when the “duplicate opinion” is “somewhere” …rather than having all the basic opinion gathered in one handy table.

;) :D

Problem solved :)

The “New Poll” button in the forum is perfectly working as I hoped…
That’s what I was looking for
:lol: :yeah: