WizzKit no. 01

(Cas) #1

I made all the drum sounds in this pack with Overtune tool, except from one snare that is a layering of different beatbox snares.
AKNF: WizzKit_no01.zip

Only thing I ask is, please do not spread the samples as part of another pack, sell them, release them anywhere without the readme.txt, etc.

PS. @ Renoise Team; I’ve got more where these came from and I’d be honored of course to supply (drum)samples for Renoise or as Renoise add-ons.

Synthesising drums
(kazakore) #2

/must try and remember to come back to thread when on home computer…

(Cas) #3

Could this please be moved to General?

(sdfjkln) #4

Always been a fan of your Overtune/drum synth experiments; thanks for the samples!

(Cas) #5

Thanks :D
I think WizzKit no. 02 is on the way soon - stay tuned ;D

(Cie) #6

Nice samples, thanks a lot! :)