wondering who does what in renoise coders team

Ok…developers please don’t feel offended by me asking this .but I am just interested in who does actually what ,.

Since there is a big diffenerence in coding /maitaining the renoise framework /audio engine …( which I think is taktik’s primarily’s job .)
Kraken/gore did some nice dsp devices ( multitapdelay / cabinet …me thinks he did convolver too ° ) .
So , you know where I am getting at right ? Are there enough coders for the dsp part of renoise , I mean actual dsp …not new instrumets architecture( which I think is more of a rewrite or renoise audioengine/framework ) , but the part that involves a lot of trigonometric and non linear functions .
Is the team in shortage of such coders .?
Reason why I am asking , because I don’t understand is why The emphasis off this release is on instruments design while the dsp part is left untouched and unupdated( except for convolver) ,.
PLease enlighten me

still curious , I am not asking for any personal info he ?

Hmm this seems like delicate matter
Still curious

id say they are still stuffing there bellys with turkey, dont worry im sure they will get back.