Wonk by cybrcvltx

I purchased Renoise probably like 8 years ago but didn’t really use it. I used to makes tunes on my Amiga using Protracker & OctaMED when I was a kid. Anyway, I recently have a go at making tunes with Renoise and that old spirit has come back to me a little. This tune is very unfinished but I’m extrememly happy that I’m able to make music quite similar and to the standard (nearly) of the music that I actually listen to. Also all of the other recent tunes on my soundcloud are made with Renoise. All of them works in progress.

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Welcome on the forum!

Maybe the most important with music creation is to get personal satisfaction, so you are in. :slight_smile:
Also not a wonky track, slowly ponderous, this have something.

Keep it up!

Welcome and i hope you continue using Renoise and making wonderful tunes.