Woodpecking Mantis - We are the Patterns Maker

A new one to share:

:drummer: Have fun.


This track is amazing! What VST are you using for your chiptune type sound in the intro of this track??

Wow. Definitely have to listen to this a few more times to pick up all the details!!

It’s like a kaleidoscope looking into a different universe - the image you provide is very fitting

man this is insane! nice

Mutanz Breax!

I feel i have been woodpecked.

Thanks guys for your comments!

For the pianoish-like sound: DCO-6 v0.3b from Dominic Goold : http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?id=435&id_com2=4964&rep=1

For the low bit rate chip sound: basic 65 from Steven Brambley (de la mancha)

I’ve forgot to activate the download button on the soundcloud page… It’s fixed now, if anyone wanted to have it.


nice :slight_smile: how long does making a track like this take you? :slight_smile:

Nice !!! i like it !!! good job ! thx !!

That’s a very old track… badly mixed, I spend too much time on each track…
At that time, I was starting over tracks from scratch, each time.
But I had good time making them even if they sound harsh.

Sometimes, I put the “4U Project Time” plugin from “hofa” and I often hit between 40-90hrs per track, but it includes all the “find the right timbre” and other technical settings that are not properly music composition making… I’m really not in a hurry when making them, it’s more a kind of monomania activity… ; )

I just got an album released last week on Concrete Collage:
More breakcore: (but the audio compression on this video eated a background synth)

More braindancy in between breakIDM ( where I got the Brainlores title idea from…)

That would be fun to have Hitori Tori commenting on the BallSack dropping from the brain.

; )


Fucking good !!!

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thanks! its really great stuff. I have been listening to everything on your band camp a lot recently - you have a new fan! I’m very impressed by your programming skills :slight_smile:

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