Woooohoooo ! First Song Finished

yeeeehhhaaa :lol:

finished my first song with renoise :D (it’s even my first track since i left protracker a long time ago, when amiga was the top notch computer to have)

you can download it here.

if you want to hear what superb Vsti sounds like, get this :P

one thing to note is that my cpu usage went up to 70% while making this song, i probably could have optimized a bit, but what the hell, i had still 30% left :lol:

for a breakdown of what has been used : Renoise, Absynth 2.0 vsti, Crystal vsti, Pro53 vsti & some samples.

maybe there is some fine tuning to do, but i want to move to a new track, i’m eager to see what i can get out of renoise :D

Wow… listening to it now, this sounds SO professional…


holy crap… uhm… yeah, you just keep it up and you’ll be fine :P


oh wait you just went half a tone up on this now… and added some brass-synth :D still listening

Wudn’t mind falling asleep to this. The flute is really “dreamy”… if that’s a word.
3:40, sounds like you went even higher up…

Now, what I would do to make this less repeatative is (and maybe it’s a cliché but it’s an easy way to make variations) i’d remove some instruments maybe in the middle of the song before adding some more… just to let people know that “hey, peeps, i went out for a while, but look what I found!” then add something new.

That’s me though.

And the melody is also sweet B)

Will definitaly listen to this alot.

the tune itself is a nice one, concerning the mastering it could still need some work tho. everything sounds so “far away” and distant, i think you’ve overdone it with the reverb a lil’ bit here and there (ie. the drums/percussions imo). furthermore the lead instrument (that flute-alike sound) is kind of drowning the rest of the instruments.
besides that it was an intresting listen and i really like that kinda oldskool feel to it (i think one can hear pretty much where your origins are :D ).
overall good job.

First impressions were a bit overdone reverb, as keith303 said, then came the oldskoolish nice meldody and made me happy. :)

Hm, gotta agree with dufey also, there should have come something different after the first playthrough of the main theme, would make the song more complete. Think you should insert some middle part there, and then come back with the original theme later on. But still, it’s nice indeed! Just not finished, in my opinion.

Mmmm… Makes me think of the olden days collecting Xm/IT/mod/s3m-files… :) Funny how many people posting on this forum has a song or ten in my files… Keith303 & Celsius being two of them. :)

thx for the input guys :D , it was more like an experiment or so, maybe i’ll fine tune it someday, but i moved on to a new track to sharpen my skills, i just discovered some new functions :lol:

hin hin hin