Work In Progress Announcement

I have to say this next version has been in the making for a pretty long time… I hope that means it’s going to be good… :) And btw. they claim it’s a monthly WIP update… but I feel that it’s more like every three months… maybe time is moving a bit faster here in Iceland

If you check the dates, it’s more like 2 times a month.
It’s going to be good.

So… is the next version going to include both the new xml format and the sample recording? I don’t think i’ve been keeping myself sufficiently up-to-date.

& turn off ‘keyjazz’ will come back. hooray! ^^

polardark, in all likelyhood both of them will appear.

Cool. I can’t wait to write apps for the new XML formats. I asked for some file format information before and the devs just told me to wait for the XML format to be properly released. And recording… man… finally i can use my hardware synths in renoise.

Do you really think so?
I haven’t mentioned it… the feature has been choosen and it will end up in Renoise for sure but wether this will be NE…

Guess I’m just really good at deducting things then.
In all likelyhood just means that it is probable, unless there are complications. Who knows what will make it to final release.

Yeah, I even have a bottle of champagne waiting for me in the store, just for the special celebration moment when the next version is out! :slight_smile:

I don’t personally care much for that audio recording feature, but I have heard that the next version will represent accurate BPM-rates (i.e. good-bye to “true BPM” = 130.0045612 and say hello to “true BPM” = 130.0000000…). Now THAT is a real milestone in development.

I thought the “accurate BPM rates” thing was “fixed” already. At least they’re more accurate right now than they were before. I’m still a bit fuzzy on just what BPM counts are balls-on accurate right now. I haven’t heard any word on it, though i’d very much like to know since i do a lot of sample editing and would really like to match samples up precisely to the pattern lengths.

I’d really like some sort of preview of the xml format used too. I think i’m not the only one who’s anxious to try and code something for it. :)

what is the xml thing,I read about it before but dident understand a word!?, “code” is it like programming text to music? and whats great about that?

It makes it possible for the whole developer world, to program applications for it.
Which means that certain things that you would like to do to a song or an instrument, someone else could develop a tool for it and you don’t need to wait for Taktik to implement it in Renoise (if it will ever be implemented at all).
This is ofcourse about static data, yet this may require to save your song or to share clipboard contents between two applications.

For instance:
The current pain in Renoise is you have to put every sample manually in your instrument in Renoise.
This won’t be different in NE.
Just for the fun of it, I have made a tool where you can drag and drop a range of selected samples onto the executable (or folders containing the samples) and it will autocreate Renoise instruments for you.
This would ease the pain of importing a lot of wav-samples into your instrument(s) and only require you to load one or more instrument(s) (depending) into Renoise.

The tool will be released as soon as the first beta has also been released.

Yeah… i’m working (lazily) on a sample creation program for renoise which may (or may not) be released soon. I started to reverse-engineer the RNS format (since there has been no open documentation of the format), but then the devs said there will be an XML format and i thought i’d just wait.

Of course, i’d still need to do a binary version if i want to save as a FastTracker 2 instrument… which kind of sucks. Much as i like FT2, the Triton guys weren’t terribly professional when they made FT2 and it becomes a bit of a pain when you need to program anything to co-exist with it. :)

If the new renoise version isn’t released soon though, i might just go back to reverse-engineering the RNS format. I feel a bit like a kid in a car, going “are we there yet??” every ten minutes.


“Just for the fun of it, I have made a tool where you can drag and drop a range of selected samples onto the executable (or folders containing the samples) and it will autocreate Renoise instruments for you.”

from now on I’m your bitch :) forever! Will be fun to see what coders can come up with, playing around with the xml format, algorithmic composition anyone?