work in progress Nu Metal theme

I am at the very begining of my musician way, so any comments\advices are very welcome :)/>


Good job man, I like it. The guitar track is tight and has a nice big stereo / double tracked sound, the drum programming is very authentic too. Maybe could do with some other melodic elements to complement the rhythmic parts: vocals, synth, lead guitar…

There have been a lot of pretty terrible guitar offerings from other Renoise users so it’s refreshing to hear it done well! :guitar:/> :drummer:/>

Really really great drums! What did you use – samples or a VSTi?

Thanks :)
I am using XLN Addictive Drums VSTi

2 Rex:
Thanks for good words and advice. :)

For a “very beginner”, that’s awesome!! Especially the drums :drummer:

Personally i find the guitar’s pick attack sounds just a little muddy. You’ll get a heavier and choppier riff sound if you add a mid boost or a static wah -before- the distortion and preamp.

Something’s up with the frequency range on the kick drums. I feel you should scoop out some of the midrange and high end there to make way for the guitars.

I like it. Just waiting for the grunting. :)

Thanks for all the comments, I will work on sound and grunting B)
Meet you on next Rock’am’Ring :D

Cool! Are you going to sing to it yourself? (is it you in the pic?)

Yes it’s me and yes I will try to sing when I finish with lyrics :)