Work In Progress

yay, there´s light at the end of the tunnel :) Seems that I´m musically not dead yet. :drummer:
Well, just thought I let you take a listen what I´m cooking at the moment.

  1. Clip 1 - First program cooperation between Renoise (as master of course) and Reason… and please don´t call me a traitor :)

Some details: Mainlead, Backlead & two pulsebasses done in Reason. Rest (Drums, Percussions, Strings, Arps) is done with Renoise at the moment.

The anticipated end here is a little messy at the moment.

  1. Clip 2 - That song (and th e following too) will be propably converted in a coop. All Renoise.

  2. Clip 3 - see above :rolleyes:

Would be nice to get some comments. Suggestions are also appreciated :)

links doesn´t wurk :(

yes, unfortunatly it seems that the server is down. Gotta get a look what´s going on there. This is bad, I can´t even access my mails anymore :angry:

sukisuki linux? :P

Links are working again.

Comments appreciated :)

It´s more stable then you think :P

Ohohoho, Oh mein Gott, PT! :)

Though I feel like I’ve quit with my Trance-time, I’m happy to find still some nice trance tunes. So you found your fun with beat shuffles/grooves, hm? :)
The Intro of of Trance 1 is VERY impressing with the fat 303 and the swingy toms/bongas. The melody is a bit too scooter-standard though. But well, still good.

I liked Coop1 very much. Sounds quiet descent, grown up and nice. The cut comes a bit sudden. Okay, it’s not finished but it’s like…just when it gets exciting the advertising begins! :)

Coop2…again such an end. The highpassed BD sounds very thin and somehow unpleasent. But it’s just a matter of taste and still everyone could say that it’s a professional intro because you know soon that the BD is gonna kick soon.

Well, some steps further than “Copy&Paste” I have to say. Keep on going!

thx B)

About coop 1 & 2, well as stated these songs will be finished as a Co-operation with an another guy (DJBrix). Unfortunatly I didn´t got a response from him after I´ve sended all the stuff to him… which is already quite a long time ago.

mhh… maybe I´ll finish them up alone.

And about the intro of coop2, well… yeah, it does also not please my ears at the moment. Maybe I´m going to redo the whole thing.

I loved clip1. I hope I’ll hear the full version soon! :yeah:

I wonder if the lead could have been made with Renoise… Can Renoise make it? (I mean, can we do it with Renoise? :P)

Superwave P8 :)

I guess you can achieve quite the same results (you have to spice it with some fx ofcourse) with this vsti.

That VST is super! :w00t:

Thanks! :)

cough, are you sure about that avatar? :unsure:

:P :lol: :D :P :lol: :D :lol: :P :D :lol: :P

I luv you robert :wub: :dribble:

… oh… wait… wrong topic :blink: