Work It... One More Time With Feeling

After many hours of slaving in my studio, I bring you the most emotional daft punk remix you’ve ever heard.

BYTE-Smasher - Work it, with feeling

I hope you all enjoy bows

You sir, are a true song smith.



Cant listen to it,
The loader just says stopped. :(
any other links?

Interesting, but the vocals are ridiculously out of sync.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, this was made with Microsoft Songsmith ;)

Aha that defines the sync-junk :P

mmm… beautiful :lol:
didn’t know you were so passionate, byte-smasher.
maybe after a couple of minutes, it could evolve into a November Rain-like ballad, and elton john comes in on the bridge. that would really be something.

sounds like elton john was jamming on a rainy afternoon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: ouch, didn’t see that that dude was namedropped just before here… states the point.
its a nice tune though.

I’ve redone this remix in Renoise to fix the timing issues. Enjoy!

haha Nice!

You should try to have your song packed with the program! as a demo song ;)

its got such heart! makes me wanna cry.

the 2009 way to make money!
btw which vocoder did you use? sounds cool :)

I didn’t use a vocoder… this is the original vocal track from the daft punk song… and I’m pretty sure they used a talkbox, not a vocoder ;)

Oh… I knew that… :unsure:
So, where can I get this hot new “Talkbox” gizmo?
edit: wikied it, never mind :P

so what settings did you put in,
I’d say, 15% melancholy, 30% Happy, 10% Jazz, 35% pop, 10% Ballad

This is great.