Workaround For Long Automations

Been bitching about how it is impossible to make for example smooth volume fades that are one or more patterns long and now I feel pretty stupid that I didn’t think about this workaround sooner.

As we all (should) know automation envelopes are not interpolated between last tick of the pattern and first tick of the next pattern.

So if you for example automate volume and put first automation point to -inf db in the tick 0 and second automation point to 0 db in last tick of the pattern and set interpolation to linear the waveform is like this:

As you can see last tick is not interpolated.

But if you make one extra tick and put the second automation point to the last (extra) tick and put pattern break command (FB00) to the previous (not extra, real last) tick you get smooth slide and the last tick gets interpolated:

So - how to use this to make long smooth slides: Make a pattern which is for example 129 ticks long, draw automation curve. Copy ticks 0-64 to first 65 ticks long pattern and then ticks 64-129 to second 65 tick pattern and use the FB00-trick.

If you truly want smooth automation ramps across multiple patterns within Renoise the best way (IMO) to currently do it is with Custom LFO on One Shot mode. Set the ramp/shape you would like (often a simple ramp) and then set how long you would like it to take. Target it to desired parameter and trigger at start of automation curve. By far the easiest way to get smooth automation across patters.

Yep, for simple long volume slides etc. it’s often better, but automation has few advantages over custom lfo. Bigger editor (tho I think you can copy paste to lfo from automation) and ability to record midi input straight to automation.

I use automation mostly for recording midi data and then adjust it within automation editor and it has really been pissing me off that last tick of pattern doesn’t interpolate at all.

With signal follower you can just use a longer sample as automation curve, right? No ideal but editor is big and it’ll span multiple patterns easily. :)