Workflow Stumbling Block - Tabs

One thing I’ve noticed that slows me down in working with renoise is the tabs - jumping between track DSP’s to Instrument Settings or Sample keyzones to Sample editors generally seems to require me to take my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse. Is there a solution to this? I know one way is to use the global view presets, but there’s not enough presets to capture every combination of tab options (besides, it would require less memorization if I could switch tabs directly).

Maybe there’s a trick I’m unaware of. If so, please enlighten me…

Control-Tab comes to my mind.

What’s the mac equivalent? (not sure if you’re referring to view switching, which is different from what I’m asking…)

Oh, then I may have misunderstood you. The equivalent should be apple-tab (?), but seems not to be what you want… So I can only suggest to go through the list of shortcuts in Edit/Preferences/Keys, you can create shortcuts to Focus/Show different parts of renoise there (Global/View). You can also set and recall view-presets using the View-Menu and the F1-F12 Keys.

There’s 8 numbers in the top right. These are mapped to F1 to F8. On an OSX laptop use the special FN key in the lower left. Example: fn+F3.


Just change these 8 numbers to your 8 most useful views; do this by right clicking.

Finally, some proper answer! ;)

Maybe not…

Guess it’s not good enough and I replied to quickly.

Then try this:

This is my preferred method. Never really liked the Global View Presets much either. Hard to find a key combination where you don’t need to do some reprogramming of other parts functions but found it worth it in the long run.