Workflows for maintaining groove on a sliced break

I was wondering if people have tips and tricks for this. Is there for example, a way to tell a slice to trigger the next slice when it finishes? Or a way to send all of the slices to a note lane with proper delays so that when played it plays the whole sample? Or is the preferred move to make multiple instruments and slice different sized chunks of your break?

Right click the drum break sample in the waveform view and select render slices to phrase and youll get a phrase with all the delays, though the LPB may be different from your track. you can copy/paste it in to your regular pattern from there if it works for you, or you can just call the phrases from the regular pattern editor. I kinda like making my drum patterns in phrases rather than my main pattern editor since I can work at 8 or 16 lpb there but keep the main pattern view at 4. you can combine playing a phrase with the slice command to tell it what step to start on.

if you want to have the next slice to auto play you can toggle the 1 with a right facing triangle in the sampler/waveform view next to the percentage adjustment for the autoslice. (top right). that way the sample will keep playing until interrupted. Sometimes I will make two instruments in a song with the same break, one that keeps playing and one that is for just individual hits.

highly recommend groovin in g and thebizzybscience youtube channels for tutorials on working w/ breaks in renoise.