Working With Columns Within Tracks

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve found working with columns within tracks to be a stumbling block in terms of efficiency. Is there any way to select a single column (without using the mouse)? How about moving notes around (insert/delete rows) within one column without affecting the other columns?

Maybe these things would be better managed by sending multiple tracks to a send channel to enable manipulating events on separate track, but this takes slightly more time to set up (multiple send devices, moving between channels to set up the effects chain), and what’s the point of having multiple columns per track in the first place if this is the solution?

I may be missing something here, perhaps there’s a few keyboard shortcuts or workflow principles that will make sense of this.

There are more than a few :)

Go into Preferences > Keys and then simply type column into the search box.

For all the standard stuff you can do to an entire track, like copy, paste, transpose, etc., there is an equivalent shortcut to operate on specific columns within that track.

A lot of the track functions you would perform with Shift + FKey can be performed on a column with Ctrl + Shift + FKey instead.